Sunday, July 08, 2007

President's Choice Pineapple Juice

My brother especially likes pineapple juice, often when we go out for a meal, he will order it. I was intrigued then to find this new product by President's choice, that contained the juice of three Costa Rican pineapples, and purported to taste freshly squeezed. I am always leery of claims like that, it rarely lives up to the hype. I have tried juicing pineapples before, it tastes great that way, but you need to drink it fairly quickly, as it will begin to go brown. The container of juice is priced at just under four dollars, which is far less than what it would cost to buy three pineapples and juice them, let alone getting rid of the pulp and waste. Did it live up to its marketing hype? I would say yes! Quite fresh tasting, very sweet, without the underlying slight bitterness you can get from juice that is old.

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