Sunday, July 29, 2007

Restaurant Review - Wasabi

It was my beautiful Thai Bride's brother's birthday on Saturday, and he decided to celebrate it in one of his favourite restaurants, the Japanese Buffet Wasabi, located at West Beaver Creek Rd, just west of Leslie on Highway 7 in Richmond Hill. There is another location near Pacific Mall in Markham, but this one is better, in that it is a buffet, the other location you have to order off a menu. The good thing about buffets, is that you get to try a lot of different and interesting things; the bad thing about a buffet, is that there is a lot of interesting things to try, you end up eating too much trying everything. The trick, of course, is to try a little bit of each thing. There are themed stations, one whole section with freshly made sushi such as California rolls and with seafood and without, one with steamed buns and the tasty assemble yourself vegetable and noodle soup, a couple of sections with meat dishes such as teriyaki chicken, a long salad bar with some interesting offerings such as seaweed, a fried section with sesame balls (my favourite) and tempura shrimp and vegetables, and various desserts including green tea and red bean ice creams and various cakes and fruits. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys Japanese and to those who are wanting to try this food for the first time.

Update: We went again to Wasabi at the end of January, and we must say, that it's gone down in quality. I've read, too, that others have complained about the restaurant as well.

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