Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lindt Wafer

This Lindt chocolate bar is not as good as the Nocciolatte I reviewed earlier, it features, within the milk chocolate bar, a crispy wafer filled with smooth hazelnut creme. Again, it is prohibitively expensive, $1.50, much more than the more readily available and cheaper candy bars, and not so tasty. I found the wafer to be not so crispy, and the overall flavours, while combining well, the hazelnut was lost in the sweetness. The ingredient listing too is much longer, sugar, milk ingredients, cocoa butter, hazelnuts, cocoa mass, palm oil, lactose, wheat flour, soya lecithin, barley malt extract, artificial flavour (likely vanilla), peanut oil (watch this if you allergic), whey powder, coconut oil, gluten and dextrose. I would not buy this again, for its price and its taste.

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