Sunday, June 10, 2007

Naan Chicken Pizza

My best friend bought a convection toaster oven recently, and it came with a pizza stone, so he suggested when I visited him on the weekend, that we try and make pizzas. Having seen the new President's Choice Naan Chicken Pizza and not yet tried it, it is sitting in my freezer currently, I thought that we could do something similar. I suggested that we buy some naan, the delicious Indian bread, and cover it with sauce, he suggested black bean salsa instead, which worked, some pre-cooked chicken, some feta cheese, some cut-up cherry tomatoes, and some asiago cheese. The toaster oven cooked this in about 8 minutes at 450C, on convection bake. They turned out quite tasty, though you have to make sure to drain the salsa a little bit, otherwise they turn out soggy.

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