Saturday, May 26, 2007

7D Mango Nectar

Having enjoyed the Dried Mangoes from 7D, I was pleased to find another product from them. Of course, I was hoping that it shared the same quality and flavour. The bright yellow of the juice and the mangoes on the package looked a little too good to be true, but that's true of most marketing. The spot where you 'Insert Straw' was proof against my efforts to pierce it with the small straw with its sharp edge, I don't see the trick, so I cut the top off and poured the not-as-bright-the-picture-in-the-packaging orange coloured juice out into a glass and tasted it. And it tasted good. I've had fresh mango juice, which is more work than it's worth to do (the juice is excellent, but you don't get much liquid from a mango), and this is an excellent product, for being packaged and processed juice. Quite fresh, and not too sweet, the ingredients are purified water, mango puree, sugar, citric acid, vegetable gum, sodium benzoate (a preservative) and Vitamin C. I would say that the 7D company produces superior products.

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