Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dried Mangoes

I was paying for these at the checkout, and the cashier asked me whether I had ever tried these, I had not, and said so, and asked her why. She said that they were really good tasting. Having tried other dried mango slices before, and finding, like most dried fruits, them to be tough and chewy, I decided to take her statement as is, and see for myself whether they were any good. And they are. Really good. Not tough and chewy, definitely dried, but still soft and tasty, too. They smell wonderful, almost like fresh mango. These come from the Philippines, from a company called 7D, and are, according to the package, which I am reading as I am writing this, and long after I had tried several pieces, 'dried just enough to attain the chewiness that you desire and the great mango flavour that you savour bite after bite'. They are sweetened with cane sugar, with a little sodium metabisulfite as a preservative, and to keep the colour. I'll have to go back for more.


Perez said...

Interesting. I wanna try some. I hope I can find some here in American, Canada is a bit far to drive.

eco_e said...

I love your blog!!!
Sooo interesting! I'm jealous though, as i miss the selection of foods you guys have over there... (i'm from Hamilton but now live in Norway)
These mango slices sound great! I'll have to look for them next time i'm in Canada!

Mike said...

Glad you like the blog!

One of the things I like about Canada is its Multi-Culturism, especially if you are a foodie, as there are many different and interesting foods to find and try in various ethnic restaurants and stores.