Saturday, May 26, 2007

Two Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate Bars

Ritter Sport produces lots of different chocolate bars in many flavours and combinations, well-liked in Germany, Europe and North America, too. Their tagline 'Quality in a Square', coupled with their unique packaging, or 'Knick-Pack', with which you 'break open' the packaging to get at the chocolate, makes them unique and stand out among competitors. But it really is the quality of the product that ultimately makes consumers decide whether to repurchase their products. Recently, they have created several chocolate bars that contain dark chocolate rather than milk, and these are two of them.

This is a straight dark chocolate bar, no added ingredients or fillings. The ingredient listing looks pretty good, though the cocoa content is only at 50%, it is sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, soy lecithin and vanillin (not so good). It tastes fairly good, though I doubt that I would purchase this one again.

This chocolate offering is dark chocolate with chocolate mousse filling. It has even less cocoa content, just 36%, and more sugar and less desirable ingredients, so I don't think that I would buy this ever again, despite the fact that it tasted good. The long ingredient listing is suar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, butterfat, milk powder, vegetable oil (palm kernel oil), hazelnut paste, soy lecithin and artificial flavour vanillin.

The conclusion is that these two products are a little disappointing in dark chocolate offerings, serviceable but not great, but there are two more that I also bought at the same time that are a little better, that I will write about soon.

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