Sunday, March 18, 2012

Taza Chocolate Guajillo Chili

The American chocolatier Taza Chocolate makes artisan chocolate using traditional Mexican stone mills. This one features the flavour of guajillo chili, a chili with a small amount of heat, normally used for making salsa for tamales in Mexico. The ingredient listing is good, organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar and organic dried guajillo chilis. There is no indication of cacao content. The ingredients are also all Organic.

How does it taste? If you are looking for heat, and I do like some of the chocolate and chili pairings I've tasted, and I like moderate to high heat, this is not the bar for you. This has a very mild heat to it, almost not there even. The chocolate does suffer from a crunchiness to it (and Mexican chocolate, stone mill ground chocolate, would); it's not smooth to the tongue like the European chocolates. I don't think that I would buy this bar again.

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