Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chocosol Hemp Gold

I've read and heard so much about the artisan Canadian chocolatier Chocosol (too bad I missed their chocolate exhibit on Family Day at the ROM!), and definitely wanted to try their chocolate; I've mostly seen them at various Farmer's Markets in the Toronto area - they travel by bike to and fro. This bar contains one of my other favourite ingredients, hemp, in the form of hemp seeds. The ingredient listing is short, and, well, not sweet, but good, cacao, hemp nut, cacao butter, maple butter and sea salt. There is no indication of cacao content, but it is definitely a dark chocolate bar.

How does it taste? This definitely lives up to the hype and could become one of my favourite chocolate bars, despite its cost. The hemp nuts give it a little crunch that is a little disconcerting but not off-putting, and the maple butter gives it a good flavour that is not overwhelming, but makes the good chocolate better. I would definitely seek this bar out.

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