Sunday, March 18, 2012

Equita Mint

Equita is a Canadian chocolatier from Montreal who makes its chocolate bars from FairTrade ingredients (FairTrade means the grower receives a greater selling value for their product); it also uses Organic ingredients. This bar is made in Switzerland for Equita. The cacao content of this bar is 61%. The ingredient listing is good, cacao mass, cane sugar, mint crisp (cane sugar and natural mint flavour) and cacao butter.

How does it taste? The chocolate is good, tasty. The mint is not overwhelming, like some mint bars I've tried (perhaps spearmint rather than peppermint), and the mint crackle gives the bar a chewy crunchy mouthfeel to it, kind of like eating minty-chocolatey-sugar, which I admit I liked. I would buy this bar again.

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