Sunday, March 18, 2012

Taza Chocolate Ginger

The American chocolatier Taza Chocolate makes artisan chocolate using traditional Mexican (Oaxacan) stone mills. This one features the flavour of ginger. The ingredient listing is good, organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar and organic powdered ginger. The cacao content is at 70%. The ingredients are also all Organic.

How does it taste? Normally enjoying ginger, in chocolate and in other dishes, I wonder why powdered ginger was chosen over stone grinding ginger slices or using ginger juice, that would have provided for a better flavour. There is a definite ginger flavour to this bar, which I enjoyed. The chocolate itself did not have quite the same amount of crunchiness to it; because it's 70% cacao content, that would lead me to believe that it's the sugar that isn't ground enough in their other chocolate bars, and leads to the disconcerting crunchiness. While this is one of my more favourite of Taza's offerings, I don't think that I would buy this bar again.

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