Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Zealand Spring Lamb - Lamb Korma

New Zealand is well known for producing Spring Lamb, a meat I have enjoyed on many occasions, but this is the first time I've seen lamb in a ready-made not-frozen product. Inside the box is a special fresh-seal pouch which keeps the lamb from spoiling, there are no added preservatives (I would say fresh is still far better, but so far I had kept an open mind). Opening the pouch and sliding the contents on to some white jasmine rice reveals a not-so-bad looking still tasty looking mound of meat and vegetables (though nothing like the box - I would guess that's what it looks like before it goes in the pouch), similar to if you had made it and stored it in the fridge. The box said two portions, but I would be eating very light if I took that advice, but I guess if you added side dishes, then it could be shared amongst two (ah well, my beautiful Bride doesn't like the lamb, so no need to divide). Heating it up in a microwave caused it to actually smell good and it did taste fairly good and filled me up, though again, it left me wanting for a fresh-cooked version.

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