Saturday, October 10, 2009

100% Georgian Wild Plum Juice

I came across this at Highland Farms, it is 100% juice from wild plums from Georgia (not the one in the U.S., rather the one in the Former Soviet Union). I like plum juice, and have fond memories of plum juice my mother made from plums from our backyard (small yellow-blue plums - I don't know the kind, and it's long since gone). So, I was pleased that this juice tastes as good as I remember plum juice tasting. I went and bought another bottle (they are $4) and probably will go back and buy another. They also have different kinds of juice (blackberry, quince, mulberry, others). This is almost 100% juice with no preservatives, though there is added sugar.


John said...

Dear Mike,

I have been trying to find Plum juice in Toronto, but no luck yet. I did go to Highland Farms, just around the 400 and 401 highways, but they didn't carry any plum juice. Are you still buying this juice, and if so, would you please let me know where.

Thanks, John

Mike said...

I've seen it off and on at Highland Farms, I only go to the one in Mississauga (Hwy 10 south of the 401), but I've also seen that brand at Starsky's in Mississauga (but not the Plum juice). Might be seasonal.