Tuesday, October 20, 2009

100% Georgian Mulberry Juice

Along with the Wild Plum Juice was this 100% Mulberry Juice, made from Georgian mulberries (the country, not the state). There was a mulberry tree down the road from where I live, but I never was intrigued to eat any. Mulberries look weird to me, elongated blackberries, kind of reddish-black. Tasting them now, I see that I might have missed something good. It tastes sweet and sour, very similar to that wild plum juice, but different. I don't know that it'd become my favourite, and my beautiful Bride thinks it and the other tastes like how they prepare juice for wine, but it's good, and a different treat than the ubiquitous apple or orange or grape juice. This, like the other, has no preservatives, no artificial colours and no artificial flavours, though there is a little added sugar.

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