Saturday, October 31, 2009

IPAC Easy Glide Frying Pans

I had long read about the effects of teflon coated non-stick cookware, and how it exuded a toxic gas once scratched (really, just throw them away if the become scratched), but there wasn't really a non-stick alternative. Until I recently came across this alternative, which is a ceramic based, PTFE and PFOA Free (what makes the teflon kind potentially bad). It is tougher than teflon, so it should as well last longer and be more resistant to scratches (always bad in terms of making the food burn in that spot). The pans, and I say pans, as I bought a large one and later a smaller one of the same manufacturer, are definitely non-stick, cook fairly well, are high heat resistant (up to 160C/320F, including the silicon handle), and are a breeze to clean. Both these pans were under $30, more expensive than the teflon ones, certainly, but worth the money. Now, if we can only get Jamie Oliver to switch over to ceramic non-stick cookware.

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Unknown said...

I bought one of these recently, too. Fall in love with it!

Do you know where I can get a bigger one as it fits in our induction over perfectly?