Saturday, October 31, 2009

Herbaria Elder Flowers Tea

I bought and tried, and enjoyed, Herbaria's Linden Flowers Tea, but this is the tea that I was actually looking for and thought I had bought. I have enjoyed Elderflower champagne, and sugary Elderflower drink, so I was intrigued to try to see if this tea could extend my enjoyment of this flower. From what I've read, elderflowers are normally used to make cordials, the sugary drink I mentioned, so this might be an unusual way of using elderflowers. From what I've also read, using it as a tea could help boost your immune system, soothe the respiratory tract, reduce fever and stimulate circulation (perhaps all good things in this flu season). When I did come to tasting it, I must say I liked it, and continue to enjoy it, but it didn't remind me of any of the elderflower I had drunk before. Well, similar, but different than the rest.

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