Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ginger Chicken Bacon

I have liked the taste of ginger for a long while, and over the past couple of years have increased the number of dishes that I enjoy it in. My brother-in-law uses it in most of the dishes that he makes, it is part of a basic set of ingredients that he uses, along with garlic and scallions and star anise. I had a good chunk of bacon, too, that I know pairs well with the chicken, in this case thighs, that I had bought earlier this week. I heated some oil in a wok, till it was close to smoking, then added some sliced ginger and four sliced garlic cloves, which I stir-fried for a couple of minutes, before I then added the cut-up bacon pieces and the sliced chicken thighs. I stir-fried this all for about 10 minutes, covering occasionally for a minute or two, until the chicken was browned and the bacon was cooked through. I served this over some noodles I had cooked earlier. Quite tasty.

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