Friday, April 13, 2007

Dodol Durian Malaysian Cake

I've had a fascination for the exotic fruit called Durian ever since I've read about it being the King of fruits coupled with its off-putting smell, that I've wanted to try it in the various forms that come from the countries where it grows. One eats it plain, presumably quickly if one is put off by the smell, or dried, in chip form, much like banana chips, or in baked goods. This form, from Malaysia, is prepared from a traditional recipe, I found it in a Chinese supermarket. When one opens the plastic wrapping, a sweet smell of coconut and durian wafts from the thick dark jelly. And it tastes sweet, but not too sweet, the chewy jelly is creamy in texture. Its ingredients are durian, coconut flower water, coconut milk, palm sugar and glutinous flour. I imagine this would be even better freshly made, just as eating the durian fruit just picked ripe from the tree would be far more delicious.

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