Saturday, January 01, 2011

Andrews Scenic Acres Rhubarb Raspberry Jam

This is the second of two jams I got from the pick-your-own Family Fun Farm Andrews Scenic Acres. I was intrigued by this jam because it wasn’t the more traditional strawberry and rhubarb combination, which works well and is a combination I enjoy and will enjoy, rather it was rhubarb and raspberry. Strawberries and rhubarb works well because they grow and mature together at the same time, so they say, and raspberries come out mid-summer, after rhubarb is gone. Like the rhubarb-strawberry jam, the ingredients are just rhubarb, raspberries and sugar, so very little sugar, more fruit, and no added pectin, and I like that it is rhubarb first in the ingredients (normally it would be the other way). Too, the jam says “Prepared For”, which I’m okay with, as long as it’s good, but, like the rhubarb-strawberry jam, this jam is just okay, though I do like the combination of rhubarb with the raspberry, and would look for this combination again.

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