Thursday, January 01, 2009

Red Bananas

Red bananas are much like the yellow Cavendish bananas you see everywhere, and eaten the same way (unlike the Cavendish, they are better not bruised). They are also 2-3 times more expensive than their yellow cousin, but still available in most larger supermarkets.

The inside of this banana is light pink (though you might not be able to see it in the picture), and it is definitely softer in texture than the Cavendish. The taste I like better, sweeter; they have been described as having a slight raspberry-banana flavour, I would agree. Another banana variety I like much better than the Cavendish.


Mónica Pérez Muñoz said...

curiosa foto

Sadie said...

Cavendish banana meaning the common yellow variety we find at the grocery store? The slight "rasperry-banana" flavor sound interesting. I will buy some next time I see them am at the market.

Mike said...

Yes, the yellow banana variety that is in every grocery store is called the Cavendish. It replaced the Gros Michel variety in the 1950s, which was becoming more and more susceptible to something called Panama Disease. The Cavendish is now itself becoming vulnerable to this disease and may need to be replaced with another cultivar. You can read about this in Fruit Hunters.

Another word of warning, they lose their flavour when they start to grow black (unlike the yellow ones).