Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dove Dark Individual Squares

Dark chocolate is good for you, there's enough evidence to suggest that, and I had heard off and on about the benefits of Dove Dark Chocolate, in particular, and the healthy flavanols that are in it (and you can read about them in that website, I applaud Mars for going in that direction, though any good dark chocolate bar has them, and if we just got rid of milk chocolate, we'd all be healthier). I've given little credence to a dark chocolate bar that contains milk ingredients, it must just make the dark chocolate category (ie. 49%). The ingredient listing is not good for a dark chocolate, sugar is the first ingredient (again suggesting it just makes the dark chocolate category), cocoa mass, cocoa butter, milk ingredients, soy lecithin, cocoa powder (wow, this must be a small amount to be less than soy lecithin), flavour and artificial flavour.

How does it taste? Very smooth, certainly, melts in the mouth well, and not bitter (and a little sweet). This chocolate reminds me, now that I think of it, too much of eating chocolate pudding. I like the sayings in the wrappers. As to the health benefits, certainly it would be better than milk chocolate, though I see that Dove/Mars makes a 71% cacao content bar, I think that would be a better choice health-wise.

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