Sunday, January 04, 2009

Crofter's Organic Blood Orange Premium Spread

I like blood oranges, and look forward to them every Winter, now that I discovered them, so I was interested in this jam I found in the Organic section of Loblaws (I think you can find this particular brand in most health food stores). Not only is the jam organic, it has 1/3 less sugar than conventional jams, and has a high fruit content. Ingredients, other than blood oranges, include golden sugar (dehydrated cane juice), natural fruit pectin, ascorbic acid and citric acid. So far, so good.

Regardless of how healthy it purports to be, it's no good if it doesn't have excellent flavour. This definitely has the taste of blood orange, and smells really fragrant and tasty, which I like very much, though there is an underlying bitterness to this jam that spoils my enjoyment and makes we wonder if it would taste better with the missing 1/3 sugar.

Update: I've eaten two blood oranges in the last couple of days, one was sweet, the other one was slightly bitter, similar to the underlying bitterness I was talking about. Still, I'd say go with a little extra sugar.

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Leon Basin said...

That looks freaking yummy;)