Saturday, January 03, 2009

King's Vegetarian Food

My beautiful Bride had know about King's Café, a vegetarian restaurant, with an outlet on Augusta Ave. in Toronto, and others in the Maritimes, but they are part of a larger family of food companies, including Zen Gardens restaurants, with many outlets including one in Mississauga; The King's Tea Inc., seller of many fine Chinese teas (which are also sold at Zen Gardens) under the name of Zen Tea; and King's Vegetarian Food, maker and seller of Chinese-style soy-based vegetarian food substitutes (mock chicken, etc.). I suspect that their products are used by Zen Gardens. They have an outlet, and packaging facility, in Mississauga, located at 355 Brunel Road (905-501-8366). Their soy-based mock meat products are varied, I've seen mock chicken, pork, bacon, turkey, mutton, salmon and tuna. Their chicken is quite tasty and works well in recipes calling for chicken; I'm hoping their mutton is as good. They also sell their Zen Tea line there. As to their hours, Monday to Friday they are open normal business hours (I believe), and, while they are closed Saturdays, in our experience, if you call them during the day and they are working, someone will open the door and allow you to purchase what you'd like.

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