Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lindt Grand Hazelnuts Milk

I've already eaten, and prefer, the Lindt Grand Hazelnuts Dark, this is perhaps the more common version one can find with hazelnuts, a milk chocolate bar. Too, the ingredient listing between the two bars is very similar, sugar, followed by hazelnuts (comprising 34% of the total), cocoa butter (this and the next ingredient are switched in the dark version, thus the dark version has a higher cacao content), cocoa mass, milk ingredients, lactose (not in the dark version), soya lecithin, barley malt extract (also not in the dark version) and artificial flavour. Like the Dark version, some of the hazelnuts are whole, while others have been transformed into caramelized slivers.

How does it taste? Good, Lindt bars are easy on the palate, smooth and quite pleasing. I still prefer the Dark version, but this one, despite its expensive price, $5 or more, is worth the buy.

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