Tuesday, July 01, 2008

El Rey Apamate Chocolate Oscuro

The second of the two chocolate bars I tasted from the almost 80-year old Venezuelan chocolatier Chocolates El Rey, C.A. has a cacao content of 73.5%, called Apamate. The cacao beans are the famed Caranero Superior. The ingredient listing is good, save for the soya lecithin (which I have now read is used to reduce the conching time) and the natural vanilla flavour, the rest is chocolate liquour, sugar and cocoa butter. Like the other Mijao bar, there was a white sheen on the chocolate, though much less (likely because of the lower cacao butter content).

How does it taste? Much better than the Mijao bar, very good dark chocolate, it's been described as an earthy flavour. Makes me want to try even more of El Rey's chocolate offerings, I suspect there is even better chocolate waiting.

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