Sunday, February 24, 2008

Restaurant Review - Kumai Sushi Restaurant

For Valentine's Day I took my beautiful Bride to a Japanese restaurant called Kumai Sushi Restaurant, located at 35 Brunel Road in Mississauga, close to Brittania and Hurontario in Mississauga, in a strip mall with lots of different restaurants. When we arrived at 5:30, it was just opening up, we were a little early for our reservation. There were plenty of the Japanese screens set up, to separate and allow for privacy amongst the tables. We were seated at a table by a window. Looking over the menu, there did not seem to be very much there, only to discover that these were only the specials, we were then given the normal menu. They had a special Valentine's Day bento box, it looked interesting, but was more than $25 per person, and it had raw fish sushi, both of which we don't care for, so we decided to go instead for some items on the menu.

I selected a Fried Seafood and Vegetables combination, my beautiful Bride selected the Salmon Teriyaki combination, and we also ordered the Tempura appetizer.

The combination included a starter of miso soup and salad. The miso soup tasted pretty good, the salad was good, though not great.

Next came our appetizer. These were quite tasty, with a thin, crispy batter, there were two large shrimp and several different vegetables, onion, sweet potato, asparagus and a leafy vegetable that I had never seen before but tasted good.

My meal came, and I was disappointed to find that it was fairly the same as the appetizer, there were more shrimp and vegetables. It also came with Japanese potato salad and a coleslaw. The dish was otherwise tasty.

My beautiful Bride's Salmon Teriyaki was also quite good.

Overall, this is a good restaurant, a little pricey, but worth a revisit.

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