Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Glamorizer

We were at Zeller's last Saturday, and were intrigued, well, I was intrigued, by the offer of a free gift for a new item for sale at Zeller's. Knowing there was likely to be a sales pitch, we went anyway. The sales pitch was for US Jesco's new knives, what they call Master Cut, they are the makers of the Ginsu knives, the ever-sharp knives which we've all seen on infomericials.

The gift for listening to the spiel, the offer at the end of we considered for a minute before deciding we didn't need any more knives, was what they called the Glamorizer.

The tab on the end you can use to score the rind of an orange, making it easier to peel. The other end has a serrated edge with a channel, that will allow you to cut apples or other fruit into decorative shapes easily.

All in all, what they offered, seemed like a good deal, two knives, four steak knives, some more, like any of their informercials, but we decided against it.

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