Monday, February 11, 2008

Irresistibles Kettle Cooked Chips - Lime and Black Pepper

I'm always leery of a Brand Name that makes up your mind for you, I prefer to make the decision whether this chip is irresistible. Well, I would say it isn't. I have liked other chips with the flavour combination of lime and black pepper, this one is not so good, the black pepper is not so peppery, the lime flavour comes from citric acid, and one of the ingredients is monosodium glutamate, something I didn't think to find in a potato chip, but perhaps it is in other ones too. I do like that they are kettle cooked, they are low in saturated fat, and trans fat free, but they are cooked in sunflower oil, normally an excellent health choice, but also an oil I have read that should not be heated. As you may have guessed, I doubt that I would buy this brand again.

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