Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fresh Soya Milk

My beautiful Bride wanted to make fresh Soya Milk, and came across a great how-to guide that's easy to follow. I couldn't possibly do it better, so you can check it out at the source, the article is called Making Soy Milk. In Thailand, they sometimes add pandan leaf to flavour the Soy Milk, with a little sugar for sweetness too. The soy milk is very good, especially warmed, though we'll end up drinking lots of it, it made about three litres. Too, being fresh, it goes bad fairly quickly, in about three days from when you prepare it. This recipe uses dried soybeans, and you end up with the remains of the beans, from that you can make, with a little bit of flour and some steaming, something like mock meat, very nutritious.

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