Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Yipy Vanilla Chocolate Bar

I noticed this in the vending machine at work, I thought at first that they had spelled vanilla wrong on the wrapper, it is spelled vainilla, as you might be able to see, the extra i giving it the 'I am extra good' vain-ness. When I paid the fifty cents for it, really it should have been no more than twenty-five, and examined it closer, I found out that it was manufactured in Costa Rica, and thus the word for vanilla was spelled correctly. The chocolate bar was not that good, it did smell very vanilla-y, there's a thin enrobing of chocolate round not-so-crispy wafers with some sort of, I guess, vanilla creme in-between. This vending machine is done by an independent supplier, I wonder where he bought these from, though I can see that they have a best-before date, at least. One wonders, sometimes, how long things have been in a vending machine.

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DINamickErl13xxx said...

How can u not lov YIPYs!!!! IVE LOVE THEM since EVER!! yes. Im from Costa Rica.