Friday, February 23, 2007

Sarotti No. 1 Sao Thome

The second of the single-origin chocolate bars I am trying from Sarotti, is made from Forastero cocoa beans from Sao Thome. The cocoa content is a minimum of 75% and it also contains 10% caramelised cocoa kernel splinters (I suspect because Forastero cacao beans may not provide the best chocolate flavour, and the sweetness might mask some of this). So saying, it still came out tasting pretty good, perhaps there is not too much mediocrity to mask, though I do prefer a solid bar when enjoying dark chocolate, as I find that I can not allow the chocolate to just melt in my mouth, I have the tendency to chew the chocolate because of the chunks in it. The cocoa kernels tasted sweet more than cacao, though it was an interesting counterpoint to the dark chocolate. The ingredient listing looks good too, just cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa kernel and soya lecithin as an emulsifier. Overall, a good bar, but not one I would choose again.

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