Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sauce for Chops with Sugar and Vinegar

My brother-in-law gave me this package of sauce the other week, I suppose it was what he thought might be what would duplicate the Special Pork Sauce from this Chinese restaurant we went to around Christmas, which I especially enjoyed. I did not use pork chops for this, rather I used pork tenderloin, and sliced it into medallions. The instructions on the back were fairly interesting, in that I had lots of trouble figuring out how to follow them in order to duplicate the picture. What I did, finally, after scratching my head for some time, was to fry the medallions in oil until they were browned on both sides. Then, I boiled the medallions in chicken broth till they were soft, adding the contents of the sauce package near the end, stirring the liquid till well mixed. The results? The sauce tasted good, though it was in way a duplicate of that Special Sauce, though perhaps I did not cook it long enough, leaving it too liquid. The pork tasted great, anyways.

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