Friday, December 29, 2006

What to do with leftover turkey

Having been given the turkey legs, which no one seems to care for, but has some good dark meat on them, if you take care to strip off the cartilage, I decided to improvise a dish to use up the turkey. I found a can of President's Choice Hot Thai Yellow Curry Sauce in my pantry, and so I fried up the meat, which also came with some bacon that had been used to flavour the turkey, and a whole orange bell pepper, cut up in chunks, till the pepper was soft. Then I added the can of yellow curry sauce and cooked the mixture for the specified 15 minutes. At the last couple of minutes, I added some autalfo mangoes cut up in large chunks. Then, I added some noodles, which I had earlier boiled, mixing the curried meat with the noodles well.

It turned out quite good tasting. The yellow curry was not that hot, and the mango went well with the turkey and bacon.

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