Monday, December 18, 2006

Pickled Garlic

My brother-in-law decided to try making this in preparation for Christmas, normally it is made in the first month of the year in China, with the new garlic of the season. It's important to use the freshest garlic you can find. Eating one of these, you get an intense garlic flavor, the sourness of the vinegar combined with the sweetness of the sugar brings out the flavour. If the garlic is not so new, use brown sugar, otherwise use white sugar. You can also experiment with different kinds of vinegar, to achieve new flavour combinations. They are ready when they have turned the bright green-blue you can see in the picture.

Pickled Garlic
10-20 heads of garlic
white vinegar, to cover garlic
1/2 cup sugar

Remove the outside of the garlic heads, separating the bulbs. Leave the skin on the bulb. Place in a container, then add enough vinegar to cover the garlic. Sprinkle sugar into container. Leave for 2-3 weeks, well covered.

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