Saturday, December 30, 2006


I have been reading about the mangosteen in various health magazines, the so-called "Queen of Fruits", supposedly well liked by England's Queen Victoria, it has various health benefits, and one can purchase mangosteen extract in health stores to obtain those benefits. But, I wanted to try the actual fruit, and picked one up the other day in a Chinese supermarket. The outer rind seemed very tough, so I determined to cut through it, and did, slicing the white fruit in the process, but now I read that you are supposed to press down on the flesh, if it is ripe enough, it will be deep reddish purple if so, the rind will crack, and you can open it up and reveal the creamy white flesh within. The one I had too was ripe enough, as it had some fairly developed seeds within, these are not edible unless cooked. How does it taste? The flesh is creamy in texture, with citrus flavours, quite delicious and refreshing. It makes me want to try more.

Update: I just read that the fleshy pulp that surrounds cacao beans in the pod has a taste similar to the Asian mangosteen. Cool.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with the mangosteen is, the far majority of the beneficial attributes are found in the rind. The very bitter outside shell, that is not editable when it is at its peak ripeness. That to is very important, you see, the greatest health benefits are found when it is at peak ripeness. The Xanthones (they are the antioxidants of the 21st century) are at their most bio-available state, only at peak ripeness. Unfortunately, at that time, the outside rind is at a bitterness that one couldn't directly consume. It is so bitter that it will lock your jaw.

Because of that, my family daily consumes a whole fruit mangosteen drink. You can see more information on the mangosteen at or simply request some emails on the mangosteen at

Mike, I hope this helps.
Brad Thompson, suburb of Chicago