Thursday, December 07, 2006

Harold McGee Blog

I had just finished reading this week Harold McGee's excellent book The Curious Cook, and I noticed, while posting a new entry in my blog, that he has a blog, which can be found here. I came by Harold McGee kind of backwards, I got his follow-up to his more famous book, On Food and Cooking, first, my sister-in-law and brother picked it up at this charity book sale, they know I'm a foodie and have an interest in science. Harold writes wonderfully (I believe I can use just his first name, he writes so intimately that it is if he is talking one on one with the reader, and you get to know him). He is driven to find out how things work, why and how certain foods are prepared in a certain manner, what is the science and lore behind the methods of cookery. There are separate chapters in The Curious Cook on searing and simmering meat, keeping salads and sauces green, making Jerusalem artichoke palatable, making persimmons palatable, fat and the heat, food and cancer, aluminum, and taste/gastronomy, among others. This blog is for the overflow from his writings of his newspaper column, things that he couldn't otherwise find a place for in his writings. Should be interesting.

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