Monday, September 04, 2006

Stewed Mutton

This last week, the last in August, the first few days in September, the weather turned cooler, mostly because of the after-effects of the first hurricane of the season, of which we got only a little rain. Because of this, my brother-in-law thought to make this wonderfully flavoured dish, one better served to heat the body internally, in times of cold. The ginger gives this dish a nice bite, though feel free to cut it into smaller chunks. The ginseng too is warming, he did not add it this time. The white daikon, or chinese radish, is a very large specimen of the radish family, it definitely smells like a radish when cut, it's 100 times the size of its smaller cousin. There is also a green version, slightly smaller. The daikon marries quite well with the mutton. If you are making soup, feel free to cut the daikon into smaller chunks, they will disappear into the soup.

Stewed Mutton
2.5 lbs mutton shoulder (or lamb)
1 white daikon (chinese radish)
splash of alcohol
2 Tbsp sugar
3" piece ginger, sliced thickly
3-4 star anise (optional)

Cut mutton into thick slices, then into large chunks. Bring water to boil, just enough to cover meat (or more, if you want soup). Add splash of alcohol, sugar and ginger once water boils. Add star anise, if desired. Remove scum from top of boiling water as it forms. Reduce heat to medium high. Clean skin of daikon well, if you don't peel it off. Slice daikon into thick slices (or thinner slices, if desired). Add daikon to simmering meat, with 20 minutes left. Add salt to taste. Turn down heat to medium low. Daikon is done when it becomes translucent.

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