Monday, September 11, 2006

Two recipes I would like to make

If anyone knows of a recipe somewhere on the 'Net that's similar to these, I would appreciate being pointed there. In the meantime, I'm going to soon take a crack at making these, figuring out the ingredients and how they are made should be quite interesting.

The Island Oat Bar is the best dessert I've tasted so far of Starbucks' products, I am hooked on them. It looks to be a mixture of mainly rolled oats, some butter, some honey and flour. Looks simple enough.

These mango butter cookies I bought at the T&T Chinese superstore. They taste excellent, like mango, though, given that there are no ingredients on the packaging, a practice in many Chinese stores, I would suspect that they use mango flavouring and orange colouring rather than actual mangos, though it may be mango juice. Looks simple enough to make.


Anne said...

I am also hooked! Starbucks does not sell them anymore. Did you find the recipe?

Mike said...

I wish I did! Sorry.

Really, nobody seems to have posted a copycat recipe (I did some more hopeful googling today). And, like you, I don't think they sell them here anymore, so I don't have a sample to reverse engineer a recipe.

I did read that they are quite high in calories and fat. Ok, most Starbucks products are...