Saturday, February 11, 2006

Friday Lunch

My boss and I normally go to this Italian restaurant, it's called Remezzo's, and is located at Sheppard and Warden in Toronto, they have fairly good Italian meals, much better fare than the fast food joints in the area, for sure. It's odd, too, as we normally get tired of the food at one restaurant, and so we have to find another. There isn't much choice in the area, unless you want to travel a fair distance. There's the standard menu items, I enjoy their Angel Hair Alli Oglio, which is angel hair pasta with chicken and sundried tomatoes and roasted garlic and olive oil (the Alli and Oglio of the name). Like all restaurants, they have the standard fares, lots of different pizzas, salads, and pasta dishes. Occasionally, I am intrigued by their specials, most of the time it's something with salmon, which I don't care for, there was one time that I really enjoyed the pasta special, it was an Asian angel hair with light soy sauce and chicken and curry and vegetables, it was quite tasty. Unfortunately, they haven't had it since. Perhaps I was the only one that liked it, and despite my best efforts to get it noticed by telling the waitress that it was delicious. Yesterday, the pasta special was Ravioli, and it looked intriguing, so I ordered it. When it came, there was these rather large meat ravioli, covered in melted mozzarella and a blush wine sauce with roasted red pepper and green onion and pancetta and wild mushrooms. Quite tasty, a little spicy too, which I like. Though, my idea of wild mushrooms must be different, I'll give them credit for not using button mushrooms, though it did sort of look like the kind of mushrooms one finds in cream of mushroom soup. Kind of disappointing, but the whole meal was overall great, and not bad for eleven bucks.

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