Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lindt Excellence Chili

The idea of chili and chocolate together is not new, nor is this the first chocolate bar that I have eaten that contains chili as its primary flavouring, but it is the first from Lindt. From their Excellence line of chocolate bars, a few of which I've tasted before, this is a Dark chocolate, though likely is just meets the requirements to be called Dark chocolate, as sugar is the first ingredient in the listing. The rest of the ingredient listing is very similar to most Lindt bars, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, milk ingredients, soya lecithin, chili extract and artificial flavour.

How does it taste? Quite spicy, not for those who don't like spicy, though I would categorize it as being medium spicy but just above mild; definitely you could taste the spice, but it wasn't overwhelming, nor could you not taste the chocolate. I think I would buy this bar again, depending on whether it is popular enough to appear in the normal stores I see Lindt in.

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Sadie said...

I was buying chocolates to make a gift basket recently and found this at the store. I think I first heard about this from your blog. I was curious to see how it would taste. Interesting is the word!

I'm not a fan of dark chocolates, but as you mention this one was on the sweeter side. I didn't taste the chili right away, it was more towards the end and lingers on your tongue for a while. It also was reminded of a Mexican dish call "Mole". Not sure if I would buy it again. But would make a nice gift for the chocolate lovers!