Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hale's Blue Boy Brand Red Sala Syrup

The Sala fruit is one of the many fruits available in Thailand, it is similar to Snake fruit, and has a unique flavour, smoky with a tangy aftertaste. This syrup, produced by Hale's, uses artifical flavour to achieve its Sala taste, though it does an admirable job. As a syrup, it is really only sugar and water, with red food colouring. Most of the time, I have it with mineral water, it tastes unlike any soda I have tried from North America.


halowaddee said...

I went to visit Thailand and found a really nice place called "Mont Nom Sod", they sell "Sala Milk" which was super delicious. I pleaded my friend to go back there at least one more time before I went back to Shanghai, just to drink another glass of cold Sala Milk. Now back in Shanghai.. a Thai friend brought along with her a bottle of Sala syrup. I asked her if she could make our own Sala Milk given the fact that she has Sala syrup. She said she never tried that before. So out of curiosity, she mix in Sala Syrup and cold Fresh Milk.. and.. VOILA! She made it!! The taste is similar to what we had in Thai.. I'm so happy. Hahaha.. Right now I'm trying to find a supermarket in Shanghai that sell Sala Syrup.. It's gonna be hard, I know.. but I really love Sala Milk.. Hahahaha.. Let me know if you have any information where to buy Sala Syrup in Shanghai or anywhere in Indonesia (my homecountry). Thanks!

thaibodyshop said...

Hello I'm from Thailand! You can make a ice milk with Hale Blue Boy Syrup mixing with Condensed milk but should have some water too so it won't too sweet :D

I hope you enjoy it though. Does it sell over there?

halowaddee said...

hey there thaibodyshop! yes, we can enjoy our Sala Milk (or Nam Deeng) in Shanghai now.. hahaha.. thanks to the not-so-secret recipe: Hale Blue Boy+Fresh Milk (that's how we do it here)+crushed ice cube..~heavenly!

The only problem is, we need to buy the Sala syrup, which is not available in anywhere in Shanghai (China) and Indonesia. Well.. not that I know of.. So any kind of information is much appreciated. Hahaha..

Thank you for sharing, thaibodyshop!
Khob khun maak ka!

Mike said...

I found the recipe you're probably looking for, on Appon Thai's website:

It uses milk and condensed milk.

Doesn't help with finding Sala syrup, unfortunately, but at least you can reproduce it.

Haven't tried it, but it looks good.

Hope that helps,