Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Thai Hotpot

I had been told that the brother of my beautiful Thai girlfriend was a good cook, and he had invited us to partake of a specialty of his, Thai hotpot. I wrote of the four different cookies that I made the night before, they were well received, we ate them later, after we had finished, along with some cut up watermelon. There were several dishes on the table around the portable gas stove, one of them contained fish balls and tofu and shrimp.

On another dish was yellow noodles with fried garlic.

Into the boiling water, you can see two compartments, went the meat, which also included chicken legs, some savoy cabbage cut up, glass noodles and some Thai greens, which they did not know the English name for.

After a few moments, it was cooked, and, as it turned out, was quite delicious, with a dollop of spicy Thai hotpot sauce. There was also a very excellent cut-up barbecue duck, the only thing that was not cooked by her brother, which we enjoyed with rice and some of the salty sauce. All in all, a wonderful meal.

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