Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Restaurant Review - Restoran Malaysia

I had wanted to eat at this restaurant for the longest time, since it was recommended by a co-worker and friend of mine, he and his wife are Chinese-Malaysian, and he loves to eat out, especially at this restaurant. Restoran Malaysia is located at 815 Major Mackenzie Dr. E, in a strip mall at the corner of Bayview and Major Mackenzie. Looking around at the tables as I entered, there were plenty of Asians, usually a good sign of quality Asian food. Another good sign is a line up. Saturday evenings they don't take reservations, its first-come-first-serve and there is a line out the door. We arrived at 1 in the afternoon, fortunately, and were seated right away. It seemed, however, a little dark as I looked around. Perusing the menu, I noticed a fair number of Thai dishes, along with Indonesian, Malaysian and Indian-style dishes. I was with my co-worker's wife, and asked her what she would recommend, she couldn't quite narrow it down, and told me instead that everything was good. One dish caught my eye, on their lunch specials, that was the Indian-style dish Nasi Goreng, of which I remember fondly eating as a teenager, so I chose that dish to try. I am sure it was far superior than the packaged spices that became the Nasi Goreng that I remember, and it was, sort of a smoky flavoured rice, with vegetables and shrimp and chicken, a cooked egg on top, and better tasting shrimp chips as an accompaniment. We chose two other dishes, one an Indonesian Laksa Noodle, with wide egg noodles, fish cakes and a coconut broth. Delicious. The third dish we sampled was a Stir Fry Kway Teow, with really wide flat rice noodles, my favourite, prawns and chicken and bean sprouts. Again, delicious. Best of all, I got to take the remains of two of the dishes home, to enjoy again. The service was great, the wait-staff were very friendly and helpful. I would definitely visit this excellent restaurant again.

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