Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Saeng-shik Raw Greens

My best friend put me on to this product, he had received a demo of the whole range of the raw greens products from this company in this health store he visited. Intrigued, and finding it on sale, I decided to give it a try. I had read about the benefits of raw foods, and had previously incorporated "greens" into my daily diet. Raw food is food that is cooked below a certain temperature, to preserve the enzymes that help in digestion of the food that we consume, most food is cooked far above this temperature, which destroys or deactivates the enzymes. One could eat raw vegetables or fruits, but another choice is to buy a product that gives you these from various green foods. I chose the 14 day pouch offering from Raw Greens Inc., you consume one to two pouches per day, either as an additional part of a meal, or, if eaten with a banana or orange juice, as a replacement. Each pouch contains 40 g of such interesting ingredients as kale, white and black sesame, shiitake mushroom, sea tangle, Japanese chlorella, spirulina, millet, Job's tears, barley grass, wild parsley, pine needles, radish leaves, lotus root, burdock, cordyceps, ganoderma mushrooms, carrot leaves and mugwort. It's better to mix this with some sort of fruit juice, with water I didn't care for the taste. Did it do anything for me? I can't quite say, though it did improve my digestion somewhat. I'll see, too, whether my digestion reverts to its normal state after completing the 14 days.

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