Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Restaurant Review - Chinese Lamb and Beef House

My sister clipped out this review of a new Northern Chinese restaurant, which happened to be very close to where I work, and also happened to look interesting, so last week, I went to check them out. The Chinese Beef and Lamb House restaurant is on the south side of Sheppard Ave. in Toronto, a couple of lights east of Warden, in a nondescript strip mall. According to the review, the restaurant is more known for its lamb, a meat not normally found on many menus, and a meat that I have grown to really like. When the waiter noticed my clipping, which I had brought with me, he knew that I wanted to try their signature lamb dish, BBQ Lamb Chops, which I had determined to try, so I did not even get to peruse the menu for its other offerings. I would have to wait to determine whether the food lived up to its billing, and whether I would want to go again. I ordered a side dish of steamed rice to go with the lamb chops; oddly enough, this dish, probably the most expensive dish on the menu, is the only dish that does not include steamed rice. I determined, if I were to come again, to try some of the other dishes talked about in the review, the Fried Cumin Lamb sounded good, as did the Pan-Fried Lamb Buns, and Xian Style Lamb Soup with Pancakes. The BBQ Lamb Chops finally arrived, and I eagerly began to eat the tasty looking lamb chops. And tasty they were, it tasted too like they used cumin and salt to flavour the lamb, but the meat was very tender, and the fatty portions were quite good as well. The dish was good enough to forgive the slightly slow service, I waited a while before getting my bill to go. And now, I will have to go back to try one or two more of their offerings.

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