Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday Lunch

Because I stayed in Mississauga this weekend, going to the party Saturday night, which I wrote about last post, I decided to make a couple of Chinese dishes from some chicken that I had had in the freezer and thawed in the fridge. The first of these involved a package of spice from McCormick, this was to make a dish called Szechuan-Style Gong Bao Chicken. Opening the spice pack, I thought that the prepared dish was going to be rather spicy, I got some in my nose and mouth when I poured it into a dish, and it made me sneeze. But the dish didn't turn out that spicy, it was pretty good tasting, just not spicy enough. Perhaps if I had prepared my own seasonings, then it would have worked better. The second dish was made with Black Bean Garlic Sauce, one stir-fries chicken with a tablespoon of this sauce and a little sugar, then add some diced green and red pepper at the end. This was very tasty. I don't know that I could make this garlic sauce, so for now, I'll stick to the prepared sauce.

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