Thursday, January 12, 2006

A surprise gift at work

A lady at work went back for a couple of week's vacation to China with her daughter, and she knows that I like trying new and interesting teas, my boss says that I should open a tea shop with all the teas, close to 15 different kinds in my overhead cabinet, she brought me Long Jing tea, also called Dragon Wellness tea. This is a specialty green tea from the Hangzhou region of China, and, like any tea, comes in various grades and quality. This particular batch is supposed to be good quality tea, and I was anxious to try it. She also has told me, that she had learned that the first brewing of tea is not good, that some people throw it out even, it is the second brewing that is the best, it tastes very sweet, a sweetness too in the back of the throat. I must say that she is correct in that, the first brew tasted a little bitter, the second quite sweet and excellent.

The teas that I have in my overhead cabinet include chamomile, yerba mate, rosehip, brazilian herb, chinese pu'er, ginger and peach, peach and white tea, japanese brown rice and green tea, rose, toasted barley, black currant, jasmine, rose and oolong, chrysanthemum flower and white tea.


Anonymous said...

I am sooooo jealous. Here you are across the oceans having real longjing tea and here I am actually in the country and not even knowing if I have had the real deal. I mean, I've been to Hangzhou and everything...
Little Sis.

Mike said...

Two others include licorice and green tea, that I forgot, as I was not at work to check.