Sunday, December 18, 2005


When we were young, we would often go over to our German friends, they lived in the country. They made different cookies than we did, so it was always good to go there and be able to sample something new and tasty. One of these were rumkegeln, or rumballs. My brother and I, the same one I argue with about hazelnuts or almonds, both loved these, we would go around from cookiedish to cookiedish, picking out the rumkegeln until they were gone. These are easy to make, and, fortunately, the recipes have since been handed down to us, they were transferred to computer in the '90s, and I and my brother both got a copy, so we can make our own. Somehow, they don't taste as good as when she made them...

Hafermark, I found out eventually, is just oats ground up fine. Or one could use oat flour.

Palmin is coconut oil, sold in hardened blocks. We were unable to get them for a while, with the concern about bad fats and all, though I have read that coconut oil is actually a good oil. Fortunately, they are stocking it again.

150 g Hafermark (oats ground fine)
60 g Palmin
60 g Icing Sugar
3 Tbsp. instant chocolate powder
1 Tbsp. rum
water (if needed)

Melt the palmin; add the sugar and chocolate powder and stir. Allow to
cool to lukewarm, then add it to the ground oats along with the rum. Form
into small balls; put in fridge to set.

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