Thursday, December 29, 2005

Another Christmas Gift

The company I work for has a Venezuelan subsidiary, I've been there a couple of times. The people are nice, the food was great, there was lots of interesting things to see, it was darn hot, but most of all I remarked upon the difference between those who have money and those who don't (80% is poor). Because of the relationship that I have had with helping them remotely with their problems with computers and our software, I have become friends with some of the people there, one especially, and we usually exchange Christmas gifts. And one of the chocolates he sends every year, is one from Nestle Venezuela, called Toronto. This has apparently been around for many years, and it is odd, because I live in the city next to Toronto, in Canada. The chocolate itself is tasty, milk chocolate surrounding a darker chocolate nougat, surrounding a hazelnut. I wanted to look up the origin of this name, though I don't really speak Spanish, a few words I can pick out that are similar to English, but a lot I don't know. I did find another product that they make, which is named Boston. That should be interesting too, as I like a lot of things from there. I'll have to talk to my friend to see if he can ship some. He also send some of his favourite ground coffee, Venezuelan coffee, that is quite tasty. I prefer Costa Rican coffee, I find it's the tastiest of the South American coffees. I don't agree that Colombian is the best, as most of the coffees are made of beans from that country. I have read recently, too, in a book on coffee and chocolate, that Costa Rica is renowned for its coffee.

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