Saturday, May 22, 2010

Restaurant Review - Mucho Burrito

I don't know why I got on this sudden kick on burritos, perhaps it had something to do with Cinqo de Mayo, but there are a few fast food restaurants around which make burritos, a change from the normal hamburger joint. And some of them even make them a fairly authentic Mexican way. Mucho Burrito has several outlets in Mississauga, I decided to try the "closest" one, which is located on Dixie, just north of Aimco Blvd. Essentially, a burrito is a Mexican sandwich, you have a flat bread, and you fill it with various fillings, and perhaps grill it. I chose the 12" one - there is also a small 10" and a Mucho XL size; the 12" was plenty big - I could have saved some for lunch the next day!

Once you choose either white or whole wheat wrap, they preheat it. Then you can choose from the many ingredients. First comes white rice, then grilled vegetables (peppers), and either black beans or pinto beans. You can choose a meat (from Beef (Barbacoa, Carne Asada), Chicken (Pollo), Pork (Carnitas, Chorizo), Fish (pan seared Tilapia) or go vegetarian with more grilled vegetables; I chose the Pork Carnitas - this is kind of like Mexican Pulled Pork. From there, you can choose from shredded cheese (looked like cheddar and mozzarella), sour cream, guacamole (for $0.99 extra; free with the Mucho XL), mild pico gallo sauce or medium green tomatillo or hot salsa, cilantro, sliced lettuce or southwest sauce. The mixture is then wrapped into a log form, and then grilled for a few seconds.

How did this taste? Quite good, the pork was tasty and the combination of ingredients (I chose nearly everything) complemented the meat. But boy, a lot of food, and likely a lot of calories (apropos, I read an article recently that stated that very fact, too many calories and likely too much salt). Eat only if you’re really hungry, are healthy, and can afford to gain some weight!

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